I guess I'm being just a bit of a troll here.

I love Texas. The State means so much to me. It's my home and it's where I put my roots. Still, I realize that for the most part, it's a set of imaginary boundaries that in the great scheme of things doesn't mean much.  I'm a human and I don't have any beef with any other state or even any other country.

On the other hand, there are people who most certainly define themselves by where they live, and it's certainly not just Texans who do that either. With Texas being such a huge state, it does afford a lot of people a lot of opportunities to show off their state pride.

So I'm not going to be judgy, but how far are you willing to go to show off what the state of Texas means to you? As I stated before, I thought I'd troll a bit and put together the ultimate in ridiculous state pride and that would be a collection of underwear and swimwear that puts Texas on blast.

I went four pages deep on the pages of Amazon and captured almost every bit of underwear and swimwear for men for you to check out. Yes, there were a few items for women, but my goal here was to be ridiculous, and I certainly achieved that goal.

I would especially like to point out to you TexasTech fans, the pair that have just a bit of a cactus font on them. That just might be the perfect pair for drawers for you.

Texas Underwear And Trunks

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