I was digging through an old file cabinet and came across a few band flyers. One, in particular, is really interesting.

The top flyer was for one of the first live shows a band of mine ever played. We played at something like 3:30 in the morning if I'm correct. Sorry to include myself here, but that's apparently why I hung onto the flyer (my band at that time was Zip Gun & The Pistolwhips).

Wes Nessman

At the time the biggest band in Lubbock was Boycott and I mean bari-none. All female hard rock bands are rare anywhere today, much less in the mid-eighties in Lubbock. Also on the bill was the legendary Asparagus Nightmares, who still have at least one active member on the scene today (anybody play with Johnny Ray?). P.F. John and Los Tornados were pretty popular too.

Looking back the typed out and pasted nature of the flyer is downright hilarious, but that's what you had to do. You had to steal a little copy machine time and just go for it.

The second flyer I included mostly because it took place at the Town Draw. A lot of bands considered that the toughest gig in front of the toughest crowd in town.

The third flyer was for an FMX event that was a lot of fun, but was poorly attended, mostly due to heat. Still, there were some cool bands on the bill.

Anyways, enough about me. If you have some ancient band flyers from the old days, send me a scan and some info. I'd love to share them with the rockers out there who went to those shows in the early days.

Wes Nessman
Wes Nessman