Are you considering a change of religion?  Are you looking for something a little more easy to understand?  I have an answer to all of your, pun intended, prayers.  More after the jump.


The various religious artifacts around the world all have ups and downs.  The biggest problem  is they all tell you how to be a "good" person.  With "Wyld Stallins-ism', you can be a GREAT person.

Let's back up a bit. Did you know "the golden rule" isn't from the bible?  Now if you ask me "the golden rule" can replace the Ten Commandments and all of the religious documents every printed.  "The Golden Rule" is "do unto others and you would have them do unto you".  Take one of the ten commandments "thou shalt not kill".  Well, you wouldn't want to be killed, would you", okay, then don't kill others.  So this is the basis of my argument, we can all agree that we would like others to treat us well, so we try to treat others well.

All of this brings forth the proposition, why not treat people even better than they treat you and hope for even better for yourself? All of this comes down to the centerpiece of "Wyld Stallyin-ism".  Have you figured it out yet, do you remember the basis for the future generations that all worshiped "Bill and Ted"?  The sentence should cover everything;

Be excellent to each other.


That's it.  Be excellent to each other. Treat people like its a special day, thank them, be polite to them, give them a little more credit or praise than they deserve.  You'll make their day, and it will someday come back around to you.

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