Doesn't it seem like the nightly news is ramming the "New Pope" up our rears a bit? Does it really mean anything to our daily lives? Who is this guy and why would he say "yes I'll wear silly hats for the rest of my life". Some very basic thoughts after the jump.


Worldwide Catholics represent about 17.5% of the God squad.  In the U.S. the claim is as much as 25% (man that number seems high).  After researching these figures, maybe a new Pope is a big deal to some.  Heck, when you go a high school with a thousand people, the person who is elected class president is a big deal (as is whatever girl is looking busty that week).

I have heard some very good things about this guy. Evidently he has stayed away from some of the luxuries available to a religious leader and has focused on taking care of the poor in his home country of Argentina.  Other than that, he's not expected to have any new revelations about the place of gays in society or the use of contraception so to large degree, he'll just be more of the same ole, some ole.

So, in short, the Catholic Church has a new class president and Latinos everywhere have a new man to look up to as well.  I guess it's a big deal, but I don't know if it's a big enough deal to be getting the wall to wall news coverage it's been getting.

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