We need to make something very clear.

We have many people who contribute to our posts and our social media. Some people have a hard time comprehending that not everything on the FMX page is written by FMX people (Wes, Chrissy, & Renee). Some even think they are conversing with one of us when we have no idea what is going on.

Getting right to specifics a post about "Must-See Shows And Events" was published and NOT ONE rock or metal show was listed. Uh...you would think after the insanely packed Incubus show, or the amount of rockers at Jelly Roll, or even the fact that FMX is the #1 station in town that we'd get a little respect on our name/scene, but whatever.

Enough complaining, don't forget about these shows:

Friday-The Ducks @ Jake's (anytime these guys play it's an "event")

Saturday-Localpalooza with Bastion, Trenchrat, Element Of Nexus, and more.

9/22-Eyes Set To Kill @ Jake's

9/23-Indego Album Release Party

9/29-VonTez @ Jake's

10/3-Earshot, Thousand Years Wide, and more @ Jake's

10/8-He Is Legend, Cane Hill, and All Falls Down @ Jake's

10/10-42nd FMX Birthday Bash with Papa Roach and Spiritbox

10/21-Icon For Hire, The Funeral Portrait

10/27-FMX Welcomes Monsters Of Metal With Devildriver, Cradle Of Filth, Ill Nino, and more at the Garden

11/7-Brujeria, Pinata Protest @ Jake's

11/28-Frozen Soul, 200 Stab Wounds, Judiciary, and Tribal Gaze @ Jake's

So there you go, a dirty dozen great rock and metal shows coming to town. Again, please remember that we have many authors trying to serve the Lubbock community in many ways, so if we miss something just let us know and we'll do everything we can to correct it.

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