A fast food/convenience store combo just made a major purchase in Texas and may be heading our way.

The name of the store is Casey's (aka Casey's General Store) and they apparently have an emphasis on food on the go. The store actually specializes in regular and breakfast pizzas with a huge selection of other food items on the side. They also offer delivery on these items. So is it a pizza chain that does convenience, or a convenience store that does pizza? I guess they've perfected the art of being both.

In addition to pizzas Casey's does wings, sandwiches, salads, and some really tastyy-looking sides like mac & cheese and potato cheese bites. Besides food and drink, they also offer car washes, electric vehicle charging, gas, and more.


Right now the stores are located in a huge chunk of America and they may or may not be in a race to get established before Buc-ee's puts more locations on the map. So why the speculation? They just bought 22 Lone Star Food Stores in Texas. The current stores are located in Oklahoma, all the way up to the Canadian border, and to the east. By entering Texas, they've just conquered their 17th state. Judging by the looks of the map on their site, it looks like we could be in their path at some point (seriously, it looks like the map is pointing at us).

I have to be honest that I feel like this concept is much more appealing than Buc-ee's. I'm not a Buc-ee's hater by any means, but those stores seem more like travel stops, whereas these Casey's seems like a place you'll call in once a week for dinner. In other words, Buc-ee's seems to be about snacks, while Casey's seems to be about full-on feeding you. This is no small chain either, they are currently #3 in the total number of locations in the U.S.

It's exciting times one way or another. Hopefully one will decide that they need a footprint in Lubbock.

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