Oh jeez, "reefer madness" has hit the Hub!  A recent story claimed that people were o.d.ing on "hydroponic weed".  Ha, ha, right. If so, they'd be the first people in the nation to do so.

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The Fox 34 story,features so much wrong-headed information, I don't feel good linking to it, but feel free to have some laughs.  First, the story tries to justify itself by mixing up both synthetic and hydroponic weed and pretending they're pretty much two sides of a coin when they are clearly not.

I don't think I have to explain synthetic weed. It's not weed. It's trash with chemicals sprayed on top. Done.  Hydroponic weed is just marijuana grown in a water and/or chemical based process (like a lot of plants are these days). And as you know, nature filters out almost all of those chemicals (which are just fertilizers).  Now, it's possible that someone sprayed something ON hydroponic weed, but that makes the fact that it was grown hydroponically inconsequential.

Want proof this is b.s? Google "o.d.s from hydroponic weed" and the ONLY story that comes up is the one from Fox 34 in Lubbock.  This is just nonsense and bad reporting. If you were looking for reason why people don't trust the news anymore, this "reefer madness" story is a great example.

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