I thought the Lubbock County Commissioners had a strange request this week.

Facebook/Lubbock County Expo Center
Facebook/Lubbock County Expo Center

The Weird Public Request

The Lubbock County Commissioners were asked to show their support for the Expo Center, which of course they did. Lubbock residents also supported the Expo Center in an overwhelming vote. Every potential donor or supporter needs to know that the majority of the people in Lubbock want this thing to happen.

It's Worth The Sacrifice

I live over by the Expo Center Site (The Loop & North University). I am well aware that when the Center opens, I'm going to have to deal with some noise and traffic issues. I am still 100% behind the idea of a facility to support rodeo and other events.  I really can't give more support than to say that it's going to be a little bit of a nuisance to my neighborhood, and it's still a good idea.

Where We're At

I'm aware that this project is running behind and that some people are getting impatient. That doesn't mean that we still don't need it. No one has stepped up with facilities that match what the Expo Center can potentially do. We as a county (and as a city) have shut down our entertainment facilities (the Lubbock Coliseum/Auditorium) and need a community-focused venue for events. This need was agreed upon by the voters, now we just need some more donors/heroes to step in.  I found it silly that the Lubbock Country Commissioners had to publicly voice their support, but if that's what it takes to speed this thing up, then lets go!

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