While cannabis remains illegal in Texas, "diet weed" is plentiful, easy to access and legal.

Delta products available in smoke shops come in a variety of forms including smokable plants that strikingly resemble "real" weed, vapor products, waxes, resins, and edibles like candy bars, gummies, and even chips.


And even though the amount of allowed THC is low, it can and does add up, especially if you, say, consume a whole candy bar because it is delicious. Don't ask me how I know.

Because they do contain THC, these products can show up on drug tests. The body metabolizes THC through the liver and then stores it in our internal organs. It tends to "hang around" in our system a lot longer than other more dangerous drugs.

The hangaround time depends on how often and how much you use cannabis products, WebMd has a helpful look at those averages here.

So why are companies still testing for it? It's legal, it's relatively harmless, and it seems unfair to penalize the person eating legal candy bars while the person smoking meth can (?) just quit using it for a few days.

Other states have passed laws, "that prevent employers from refusing employment or discriminating against medical cannabis patients," while others have passed the same law for recreational users as well.

Texas has no such laws and of course, they do not exist on a federal level either.

In some fields, it makes perfect sense to continue to drug test in order to provide a safe work environment for everyone. I don't want to work around an impaired forklift driver.

For an office-type job, I believe it is completely unnessicary, unfair, and a waste of money to test for cannabis use, particularly because no test reveals if an employee is currently high.

With unemployment low, why exclude a great candidate over something so petty? Again, not talking about the forklift driver. Cannabis use is likely here to stay, and here's hoping full legalization happens sometime soon.

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