I know you won't drive behind a lumber truck, but does your brain take it further than that?

Final Destination ruled the years 2000-2011. The idea was the death catches up to you. Sometimes death was a series of events setting each other off ultimately resulting in death "catching up".

This is the kind of stuff that runs through my head when I have a change in my schedule. When I'm "in my head" and driving home, I wonder if any alterations in my schedule will result in me getting into an accident or worse.  Seriously, think about the randomness of life and those few times you were late or early and something bad happened during the time you should have been there. Then again, you may have been late one day and got into a wreck. Do you ever think maybe if you'd have been on time you wouldn't have been on a collision course with that other car?

The Final Destination movies are what I think of when I think of this kind of randomness, but then again, the movies teach that you're going to get what's coming to you no matter what you do, so you might as well accept your fate.

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