I don't know about you but I love a big rock show.

While we were distracted with other things, a big rock show was booked for the Hub City this weekend. The show will mostly be standing-room-only and it's expected that thousands will be on hand to rock out with you. One of the best parts is, that you'll be able to get your tickets right at the door, and it's almost certainly not going to sell out.

Unlike a lot of rock shows, you will be able to take some rock home with you. In fact, you can take all the rock you can afford with you. It's also important that you know that most of the rock will be really hard rock, so be prepared for that. Also, I should mention that this is two days of rock.

The rock show will take place this Saturday from ten to six and Sunday from ten to five. Admission is a mere five bucks for 13 and up,  kids 6 to 12 get in for three bucks, and kids 5 and under are free. With prices like this, the whole family can rock for free.

The show is presented by the Lubbock Gem And Mineral Society. They will feature all kinds of rocks, gems, beads, jewelry, and more. Some of the craftsmen on hand will actually show off their rock-cutting skills and educate a bit on the art/craft/hobby of rock collecting.

The group also plans on passing along some door prizes and making a silent auction available to attendees.

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