The 7th Annual Dirty Gringos Chrome And Crayon Run makes it's way to U.M.C. this Saturday.

Riders are encouraged to bring a new toy or a coloring book and crayons for the kids at U.M.C. to entertain themselves with.

The crew will meet up at The Texas Cafe at 11:30 for food and fellowship, then it's kickstands up at 1:30 for a ride over to U.M.C.

I can tell you for a fact that the kids at U.M.C. appreciate a break from the monotony of the hospital and that events like this make them feel special. It's like they're not being left out of things happening at home, but are instead treated to a fun afternoon.

Thanks to U.M.C. for recognizing the big hearts on these big bikes and making this event happen. It takes ALL of us to make Lubbock a great place to live.

E. Petmecky
E. Petmecky

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