It wasn't that long ago that we were seeing rain nearly every day.

It's crazy how in the rear-view mirror, it really doesn't seem like it was that bad. I remember getting a little sick of seeing a chance of rain in every forecast, but I just figured, "Oh, well" and went about my day. I do also remember getting tired of the puddles and that mud and the activities and things the rain was keeping me away from. I don't, however, remember it being so bad that we all sprouted gills and swam away.

There were certainly problems with the rains. I do remember that we had some roads closed for a day or two. I also know that the rains were very ill-timed and caused a lot of cotton farmers to switch crops. So yes, the rains inconvenienced a lot of people but I never felt threatened or doomed to drown in them.

The video below should serve as a great reminder that how sometimes people see just a part of a larger thing, and it gives them the impression that it's the whole thing. From watching the video below you'd think we'd best be building an ark up in here. It really makes it look like we're all about to meet Princess Ariel under the sea.

I found this video while searching for "Lubbock" on YouTube. I guess since it was one of the first 10-20 to pop up that we trended a bit for what other people thought was a real natural disaster here.

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