In July 2007, 12 red light cameras went up in Lubbock. In less than a year, they were gone.

So what could possibly go wrong with the idea of red light cameras? As the politicians of the time said, we had too many "red light runners" who were turning Lubbock into a mobile bloodbath on wheels. That answer lies in one little report.

Red light cameras split this city in a way that only modern politics could compete with. Half bought into the political nonsense and the other half thought it was 'the gubmint being all big-brothery.'

So basically you had a program that wasn't that popular to begin with, and a mayor and city council that were a little clowny at the same time. It was a recipe to bake a cake made out of stupid. But wait, the cake get's stupider.

Let's take a step back though before we hit the big reveal. Before the cameras were ever installed, it was revealed that the projected income from the cameras would not be enough to cover their cost. So, so far, we have an unpopular and expensive program and once the cameras went up, things got even worse for supporters.

So here's your big Making a Murderer-type twist to the story. It all lies in the report I mentioned earlier. After the cameras had been up just about seven months, a report was issued detailing an increase in rear-end collisions at intersections -- a full 52 percent increase at that. Yep, the very cameras that were supposed to make everyone safer, made it more dangerous. From there, the council finally voted 4-3 (yes, three jackasses stood by the cameras) to terminate the contract with the company who ran the program, who then packed up and left.

So, far before the age of cameras everywhere, Lubbock gave red light cameras a shot and flunked out. Remember your history, kids, because at some point, especially with "improved technology," this issue will be back on the table.

Note: Additional info had claims that the city had hoped to make up a $2 million deficit with income from the cameras, and that there were claims of shorter yellow lights to increase income from tickets, but let's just say this whole program was a controversial bust.

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