United Blood Services has a very cool "Hero Rewards Program". I've scored myself a t-shirt and some movie tickets.

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Every once in a while UBS "ups the prize factor".  Right now if you make an appointment to donate by Friday, they're going to hook you up with a pie through the program.

I firmly believe in making this little gift. It's a little pin prick. It's a little bit of a time in an air-conditioned room watching t,v. I actually find the whole thing relaxing, and much like getting tattooed, you do get a little hooked on the feeling.

You can set up an appointment now at 1-877-UBS-HERO (1-877-827-4376) or just by walking in. You can check 'em out on the web here.

Do this! Be the big tough person you are and help save a live (and get a pizza!).

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