We are full-steam ahead for a huge experiment today.

These types of tests have been going on for years, they in fact happen every three years. What makes this test "special" is for the first time ever, everyone will also get the alert on their phone.

If you have an acquaintance who is a conspiracy theorist (cause they aren't your "friend") then you've probably heard that this is how they are going to use the 5G towers to activate the graphene oxide from your Coronavirus vaccination so the government can control you. I guess it doesn't matter to conspiracy theorists that there is no graphene oxide in the Coronavirus vaccinations.

Back to reality, you've heard these tests your whole life. Maybe this sounds familiar:

"This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. The broadcasters of your area in voluntary cooperation with the Federal, State and local authorities have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of an emergency. If this had been an actual emergency, (optional -- stations may mention the types of emergencies likely to occurr in their area) the Attention Signal you just heard would have been followed by official information, news or instructions. This station (optional -- insert station call sign) serves the (operational area name) area. This concludes this test of the Emergency Broadcast System."

Today's message may vary a little, but essentially you've got the idea. It will happen today at 1:20 (Texas Time), but there is a consideration for those of you actually on the phone, you won't get the test until your phone line is clear.

If you're not afraid of FEMA like your conspiracy acquaintance and would like to know more, then here's the official announcement.

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