Let's just say that our politicians are not the best.  At least if we do that we can assume that they aren't getting things done out of lack of insight instead of other possible reasons.

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Cutting right to the chase, it is ignorant to not make more of an effort to keep business, and people in close proximity to the Loop. If we ever want to have real mass transit, it can't happen with Lubbock spread all over the place. If we ever want to have neighborhood gathering places or recreation within walking distance, we need to encourage growth in the heart of Lubbock.

Let's look at it this way, how many times have you heard about "revitalization downtown" in your lifetime? Well, if we don't make efforts now, the areas in the heart of Lubbock (or at least what used to be) will need revitalizing).

Right now growth in Lubbock is headed out of town. We are in this mode of "use it up, then move on" instead of remaking what we have. Sure we have plenty of land in West Texas, but it's pretty dang short-sighted not to work to keep what we have nice. It wasn't that long ago that the businesses on 82nd were the newest of new and represented the edge of town, now the development is in the 100's.  It would be all good if Lubbock was just growing, but it seems to be moving faster than it's growing.

I'd just like to remind everyone of one thing, while you head southwest or wherever, Texas Tech and the hospitals are staying put so ultimately you're just inconveniencing yourself. Then again, if the city doesn't encourage growth or revitalization nearby, who can blame you for leaving?

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