Hey, Abernathy -- wanna know how it's done?

Yes, we're still waiting for word out of Abernathy that they've caught the jerk that shot a dog with a crossbow. Meanwhile, a potential copy-cat crime was busted up here in the Hub City.


Here's the story from one of my Facebook friends about her mom, who takes no guff off of ne'er-do-wells:

Mornin' Wes, thought I'd share this with you. My 74-year-old supermom [redacted] lives here in town with her two dogs off of 61st and Indiana. About 4:45 pm yesterday she sent me this message: "I've been visiting with cops. I caught an a--hole in the alley with a bow and arrow. He was pointing it over a fence. I was emptying trash. The cop was impressed with my car details and body description. I want that thug nailed. I'd like to shoot him with an arrow. I told the cop that. If he had hurt my babies I'd be postal."

Then at 7:30, she sent this... "Cop just called. F---er was caught out off Ave P near 1585. Bow and arrows were in car. Post away. Don't know if I'll have to go identify or not." So at least one a--hole is off of the streets. Have a good Tuesday!

This is MY kind of neighborhood watch. No one has any business pointing a bow and arrow over a fence. This lady likely broke up some trouble and possibly kept some other animal from getting hurt.I realize that other people's animals can sometimes bother or even give you the impression that they are threatening you. If so, deal with like a grown-up and not like a coward that shoots and runs.

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