The information we have on this video is limited and sketchy at best. But this video was reportedly shot recently at Maxey Park in Lubbock.

Not only does this video show two guys beating up on one guy, but there is a third man taking part as well. And from what I read on the post, the person shooting the video is a pregnant woman, which only makes it that much worse.

At the end of the video, the two guys from the original fight start to attack her with a baseball bat! If anyone has any information about this, please share it with the police so these two men can be put behind bars.

UPDATE: According to Nancy Sharp, Lubbock ISD executive director of Communications and Community Relations, the juvenile assailant who took part in the attack is currently in police custody. Warrants have been issued for the two adults identified in the attacks -- 41-year-old James Ybarra and 23-year-old David Ybarra. The two victims in the attack were treated at a local hospital and released.

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