I have more than a few Halloween crazies on my list so it is the center of a hot debate: Are Trunk-Or-Treats killing Halloween?

I probably shouldn't even couch this as a "hot debate", I have some people on my social media absolutely mad that trick-or-treating isn't done the way they did when they were kids. Well, sorry Gramps, things have changed, and in my opinion for the better.

I don't know why so few people questioned the trick-or-treat process to begin with. I don't think it was ever a wise choice for people to release their kids into the wild to knock on stranger's doors and beg for candy. Even writing down that sentence makes the process seem sketchy.

For some homeowners, it was kind of fun, basically because the entertainment came to them. The novelty quickly wears off though when it gets too late, the kids are too old, or you're tired of your movie getting interrupted.

For the kids, it's gotten tougher and tougher to find houses that have candy and it can be a real bummer to hit those dry holes. I guess older kids appreciate being out after dark and executing some pranks, but why did we ever really encourage that?

I'm going to say this without regret...Trunks-or-treats are better.  Now let me back up and say that the name "Trunk-or-Treats" needs to die out and we need to refer to any situation where kids wear costumes for candy as a "Trick-Or-Treat". So why are they better? Let's get down to brass trick-or-treat tracks.

First off, if you enjoy seeing the kids all dressed up, you get to see a lot of them and they get to see a lot of each other. It becomes more of a community event, then small groups going house to house. Also, the hours are manageable for the treat givers; you go out of an hour or so and you're then free to get on with your Halloween activities. Let's also not forget that these events are exponentially safer. The kids also get loaded down with a lot of treats in a short period of time  There are also many situations where corporate sponsors will step in and really super-size the treat pot.

Some people out there can't handle change. Trick-or-treating is never going to be the same way it was when you were a kid. This is one of those rare things that got better. Now, be a Halloween champion and help some local groups by either passing out or donating candy next Halloween.

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