The RockShow asked 94.5 FMX fans to tell us their weirdest holiday traditions, and we've concluded that you guys are a bunch of nuts that belong in a tree.

That being said, I'm not the tree topper, but I'm up there with you guys. If you think you have me beat in the weird tradition department, you can verify here that my family is absolutely bonkers, too.

Here are some of the weirdest traditions we came across:

"Christmas Eve blackjack, lotto tickets, and pizza! Didn’t start until I was older, but as soon as my daughter could add, she could play (hey-it’s educational!)." - Sarah N.
"The Christmas pickle! Look it up it’s really fun!" - Elise B.
"My family had a tradition on Christmas eve where we opened our presents together, one at a time, by age. (Big presents came from Santa on Christmas morning.) But sitting there, waiting for grandpa to find his pocket knife (again) so he could carefully remove the scotch tape so grandma could save the paper, was tedious at best. And I was the youngest. I figure on any given Christmas, I waited for between 15-20 people. For hours. Taught me patience, though." - Matthew S.
"Someone saves pumpkins from Halloween, paints them white, and makes snowmen." - Derek S.
"We have NERF gun wars every Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s chaos and I love it." - Stephen F.
"Every year we have a different theme...Griswold Christmas, Monty Python Christmas, a 1920s murder mystery. This year we are doing reindeer games, board games and other competitive games." - Stephen K.
"My dad played Full Metal Jacket every Christmas morning on the TV while we opened presents. We were usually done about the time the bathroom scene hit. I didn’t really think this was weird or kind of messed up until my wife pointed it out to me welcome to the family, I guess." Ronnie E.
"Every single year since the song came out, my stepdad, a professional DJ, just has to play Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' when we wake up Christmas Day to open presents." - Selena M.

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