I am surprised that we haven't already made this superhero a statewide "thing".

Of course, you probably have heard about a Lubbock supervillain by the name of "The Blob".  The character is a circus freak/wrestler that is supposedly immobile when he wants to be. You may have seen him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In the comics, he also whooped up on the X-Men pretty badly.

So why aren't we making a bigger deal out of one of the most powerful heroes out there? It could be because this is the third incarnation of the character. Only this third incarnation has a strong tie to Texas. So do you know who I'm talking about yet?


The answer is The Blue Beetle. The third incarnation of the Blue Beetle is from El Paso, Texas. Now, all this comic book lore can get a little tangled, but the person who gets attached to a mystical scarab (that is alien tech). At some point, the scarab was blown across the universe and landed in El Paso, where it was found by a character named Jamie Reyes. I hope you're following me so far.

So how powerful is the Blue Beetle? According to one source, he could whip Spiderman if he needed to.  His versatile attacks apparently give him the edge over Spidey. He can launch nukes from his suit, after all.

The new Blue Beetle movie drops on August 18th. At that point I expect a little Texas and Latin pride to kick in. It does appear that the age of the superhero is fading, then again, it could be people are just tired of characters they know too well. With the Blue Beetle being a bit obscure, this could absolutely be the biggest movie of the summer.

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