Lockney has been experimenting with a four-day school week and it's a no-brainer.

When we talk about a four-day school week, we're actually talking about four days for students. The teachers actually continue to work five days, but one day is set aside for preparations, grading and the other million things a teacher has to take care of. What this four-day instructional week does is actually give teachers their weekends back.

Let's talk about the time with the students. You might think that students have such short attention spans that keeping them in class longer might be harder, but I'd argue that it actually gives them more time to focus. If I remember my school years at all, Fridays were often a blow-off day anyway.

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While I can see that staying in the same room can lead to boredom, I would think the four-day week is a no-brainer, especially in high school when there are multiple class periods. I know I would have absolutely loved it myself.

Keeping recent events in mind, I would think in terms of security, the four-day week would be a bit cheaper as well. Longer, but more compressed days should lead to everyone getting to know everyone else a little better, too.

The majority of complaints around the idea of a four-day school week would have to do with the fact that some parents would now have to figure out some childcare for that extra day. I'm sorry I have to say this, but school is not a babysitter.

We have to remember with things like this that there is no hurt in trying. There's nothing about a five-day week that's worth being nostalgic about. We could give this a go at our senior highs and roll out the idea if it works or roll it back if it doesn't.

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