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The RockShow asked FMX listeners to tell us a short and scary story using only four words.  The response was huge.

Some posts were downright chilling, and others were pretty silly. A couple of the answers made it onto the radio, but we just couldn’t get to all of them. We decided they were too good to keep to ourselves, and it would be wrong not to share them.

You can catch some of these and others Friday morning on The Rockshow. If you have one that you just have to tell us, give us a call, submit it via the FMX app or leave a comment.

Here's a list of the top 20 four-word scary stories contributed by our listeners:

  1. Honey, the condom broke.
  2. I started drinking again.
  3. No more toilet paper.
  4. Where is my wallet?
  5. Your test is positive.
  6. We need to talk.
  7. You are the father.
  8. Then its eyes opened.
  9. Get the charge nurse.
  10. Knock, knock, knock…. scraaaaatch.
  11. Card declined, insufficient funds.
  12. It can’t get worse.
  13. It’s not really butter?
  14. I forgot my mask.
  15. I live in Lubbock.
  16. There’s something behind you.
  17. Whose teeth are these?
  18. Can you stay late?
  19. Drivers in Lubbock, Texas.
  20. The Wi-Fi isn’t working.

BONUS: here are a few extras from my family, friends, and all the goobers in the office:

  • You are being audited.
  • We have surveillance footage.
  • It’s under the bed.
  • We rented your room.
  • That was not chicken.
  • You ate my cheetohs.
  • Bleeding out, couldn't escape.
  • Does this look contagious?

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