If you remember the movie Anchorman, then you'll remember reporter Brian Fantana and his cologne that 60% of the time works every time. You may also remember in the movie the cast describing the smell as a "diaper full of Indian food" or that it "smells like bigfoots d@ck".  Well evidently in 2009 someone saw fit to make the stuff for real, and apparently it smells good.  More after the jump.


So we had the trivia question this morning "What was the name of the cologne that Brian Fantana wore in Anchorman (it was a really hysterical part of the movie).  The answer was "Sex-Panther" (supposedly made with bits of real panther).  While researching the question we came across the ad below and the website.

Anchorman 2 is currently filming (some images of Ron Burgundy fighting a shark have surfaced).  Until that time, pick up some Sex Panther and Stay Classy Lubbock.


And here's the scene from the movie

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