Don't lie, some of you have already seen this.

Brothers, stunt double, or dopplegangers? Studio84Pro/HBO
Brothers, stunt double, or doppelgangers?
Photos: Studio84Pro/HBO

Okay, where do I start? How about with the fact that our Sheriff looks a bit like Danny McBride (Vice Principals, East Bound And Down)? Okay, I'm done with the jokes. This video is serious business and evidently, it plays during processing. The comments on it are fun too. I think we can conclude from reading the comments that inmates didn't really enjoy their stay. In fact, let's check the reviews!

*ITSplasticfork says, "lol ol' bitch ass sheriff"

*RossetaStoned91 says, "Power trippin' Motherf@ckers"

*Edward Backhaus says, "been there, seen that, ........meatloaf wasn't too bad

Now, enjoy your movie!



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