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I've seen Ghost live twice, and both shows I will never forget.

The first time I saw them was in 2016 when they played at Lubbock's City Bank Auditorium. It was a bit after they released Meliora and "Square Hammer," so they were just starting to get really big. Then, in 2018, I saw them in Midland. It was after they released Prequelle and received much more media attention, so they had the budget to put on an even more fantastic show.

I've always loved those devil-worshipping Swedes. Of course, they don't actually worship Satan. It's just an act and it's fun, so I'm on board. Their music is also catchy as hell and does a good job of scaring away religious nut jobs. But their live shows? God, they're fantastic. It's such a theatrical performance. Ghost has always been about the spectacle, and their performances reflect that.

So now that they've got another album under their belt with Impera, attention is back on the band. I can only hope now that they're not too big to come back to little ol' Lubbock.

It's no secret that Lubbock has been in a concert drought for a bit now, with things only recently opening back up after COVID-19. A lot of bigger bands don't come by here that often, with rare exceptions like Metallica a few years back.

Bottom line: I absolutely love Ghost and I know a lot of other people do. So do us a solid and come back to the Hub City at some point, won't you?

He is divinity omniscient
Seeing the world revolve with spite
The surge of humanity oblivious
To the divine whom bringeth light
Let there be night

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