Not seeing shows on our local level while giant MEGAFESTIVALS are being announced can be a little heartbreaking, but there's some stuff to consider.

Putting a rock band on the road is an expensive endeavor and all it takes is one person in the band or crew to go down and a show is in jeopardy. So what about those MEGAFESTIVALS?

First off, the bands are really distanced from the masses. Second, the bands are making huge paydays making it worth it. Also on the list is logistics. With these MEGAFESTIVALS there's a lot of shared transportation, crew and equipment. With these things in mind, a band is taking less of a financial risk going out with a much higher rate of return.

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So here's a question for you. Let's say you're in the hot new band. You are being paid four times what you can make in a club. Why would you risk that payday to play to 300 people in a small town on the way? The virus made this risk not worth it on any level.

So we have to wait a bit and hopefully after all of these bands play the MEGAFESTIVALS they'll start hitting what is called "the secondary markets" and pick up a show or two. I will say that these shows are the best because the bands that play these smaller markets are the bands that love playing because they are far from a cash grab.

This brings us to the FMX Birthday Bashes. It looks like routing will finally bring In This Moment back in June to make up the 39th FMX Birthday Bash. Volbeat already did no. 40 and right now we're seeing if there is someone good for no. 41. (We've already turned down one big and boring band; wanna guess who that was?)

In the meantime, support our live scene by checking out Beartooth & friends on April 9th. With that show happening on a Saturday, it should be killer.

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