This is crazy, but it checks out 100%!

I am a big fan of punk rock. I was knee-deep in the real scene when it happened with bands like The Dead Kennedys, The Cramps, Fear, and "The Only Band That Matters" The Clash. That love continued with bands like Rancid, The Exploited, and Green Day (as pop as Green Day gets, they are still punk rock to the core). The point is, I am very much a punk rock fanboy.

That's why I said, "No Fu#$ing Way!" when I heard about a band spending Monday night in Lubbock. It's not just that they were spending the night here, they were staying at the same place as Papa Roach. It just seemed weird that we'd have all of these rock stars in town at the same time. My guess was that the person who told me got their information wrong, or that somebody from another band dropped their name as a joke.

So are you ready for the drop? The Dropkick Murphys spent Monday night in the Hub.  Apparently, the band was playing in New Mexico on Tuesday and they took a break from their travels for some showers and food in the Hub City.

I am just devastated that the band was in town and didn't play. I would have been there even if it was a one-guitar acoustic punk rock sing-a-long. To make matters even worse, Dropkick Murphys are touring with one of my current faves, The Interrupters. I guess I can say at this point is, "Maybe next time..."

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