Here's the thing about Lubbock hardcore wrestler Doldrum Pow: He's so insane that Rampage Wrestling has to hire out of town talent to compete with him.

The occasion was the battle for the Nightmare Hardcore Championship belt. The match was brutal and bloody. Our staff photographer managed to catch just a bit of the action for you, including the insane finish: a somersault flip onto two barbed wire covered pallets.

Keep in mind this is AFTER a ring full of thumbtacks, barbecue skewers to the head, a staple gun, a guitar covered in barbed wire and the custom built "Pandora's Box," which contained the belt. The competitors are Lubbock's Doldrum Pow and Amarillo's Violent V.

Please note: Rampage Wrestling runs a FAMILY-FRIENDLY wrestling promotion. This long and bloody hardcore match took place after dark at Nightmare On 19th Street. In normal appearances, athleticism and storytelling are stressed over violence. 

Also, our thanks to BMF photos for these still shots of the event.


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