This rocks on so many levels.

Let's start with the fact that some of these carpetbagging street preachers apparently aren't even from around here. I guess they imported their hate from Amarillo. Then, add a local hater group and you get a whole tool bag full of tools.

So let's start with this. These people, especially the local ones, always posed their protests as somehow protecting our parks and family values. Now we know 100 percent that it was never about that. Lubbock Pride was held in the Depot District, our adult entertainment area, during the heat of the day, and the participants were bothering no one and had the full cooperation of the businesses there.

Here's where things turned around. Very few engaged with these people. They're now treated for what they are: clowns, a sideshow, and, even worse, just fun photo opportunities.

Let's make this clear: the protestors have lost. No one takes them seriously enough to even worry about them. I won't even publish the name of the douche-nozzle of biblical proportions that makes his home in our otherwise beautiful city. I do believe we've reached the point where after this post, we don't need to acknowledge them at all.

Now for the pictures. I lost a beautiful friend at the beginning of COVID-19, the legendary cook-to-the-rock stars, Sausage John Hernandez. His daughter has taken his lessons of loving everyone very seriously and was among those who used these folks as a backdrop to show just how ridiculous these "street preachers" are.

Thanks to Esme, and also my frienda Tori and Qiryn, for the pictures.

Lubbock Pride Parade

Attendees (rightfully) treated protestors as a joke.

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Lubbock Pride 2021

Residents gathered for the Pride Parade in Lubbock's Depot District

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