We can't keep cycling through the same promotions over and over.

There seem to be three ideas for Texas Tech Football Promotions.

*Wear White

*Wear Red

*Wear Black

All of this struck me when I heard they were going to "Blackout" tonight's game.  Having tens of thousands of fans who have been drinking and yelling for four hours jump into their cars near other people all dressed in black just sounds like a recipe for disaster, or at least not a very smart idea.

The problem is, what other ideas are out there? I don't think we've been bold enough to wear pink in a bit, and it would be tough for the crowd itself to wear throwback gear. Texas Tech hasn't learned that the iconic Double Tee would look good on anything (camo?) and gawd forbid that we even get close to another team's colors.

Well, leave it to me to figure this one out. The answer is as simple as the thing under the nose on our faces. Yes, in honor of Raider Red, we need to have "Floppy Mustache Night". I am 100% as serious as a heart attack here. Can you imagine the national t.v. coverage we'd get if the cameras turned to the crowd and everyone was wearing a giant floppy mustache? This promotion would pay for itself over and over.

The problem is, where do we get 56,000 floppy mustaches? Amazon is the answer. Check these out:


These are only the best matches and run from $13-$15 dollars. You can get a whole sheet of fake mustaches for about $8 if you aren't picky about the style.

C'mon, let's do this in honor of Raider Red! Fake Floppy Mustache Night in 2024!

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