I watched the closing few moments of Texas Tech's loss to West Virginia and I came away with a question.

The question was, why the hell do they have a tire?

In short, the tire is supposed to be a symbol of toughness.

It's been a whack few years for Texas Tech and there have been several attempts to adopt some sort of motivational symbol for the team. Going back just a little bit there was the pumpjack when Sonny Cumbie filled in as coach (and, sorry, he should be our coach now). Then Tech fans adopted a cactus after someone made a comment about the team being in the desert.

So now we're at a tire, short for "putting your foot in the tire", which is basically taken from the movie Creed II, where as part of his training he trades blows with another fighter while keeping his foot inside the tire. It's supposed to be a symbol of giving and getting pain, standing tall, and not giving up.

Right now the program is having some problems, but that doesn't mean that these players aren't standing tall or being tough. They very well may be playing as tough as they can. I admire the guys for getting out there and suiting up every Saturday and not quitting. The players 100% have my respect through and through. The fact of the matter is that these players have the toughness of a tire, but I'm not so sure about the car that the tire is on.


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