I again reached out to ChatGPT and received some interesting results.

Remember that ChatGPT scrapes the internet for bits and pieces of information and assembles it into various narratives, and/or answers to your questions. What I'm saying is, that I put a question in, it's putting out other peoples existing thoughts and facts on a topic.

What I did in this particular case was asked Chat GPT to "Tell me about the historic brick streets in Lubbock, Texas". This means it went and found all the material out there and then gave me its general impression based on the available information.  Here's a couple of the things it came back with:

Lubbock, Texas is known for its historic brick streets, which add a touch of charm and nostalgia to the city's landscape. These brick streets hold significance as they represent the city's rich history and serve as a reminder of its early development.

Today, visitors to Lubbock can stroll along these brick streets and experience a sense of nostalgia and connection to the city's past. The bricks, weathered by time and use, add character to the roads and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the city. The historic brick streets have become iconic landmarks, reminding residents and visitors alike of Lubbock's heritage and the progress it has made over the years-ChatGPT

That is just the gist of the information returned, again gleaned from other sources. Those bricks do mean something and we're all going to have to decide if it's enough to deal with bumpy roads.

Which of these Lubbock photos gives off worse vibes?


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