The Cactus Theater is under repair after water pipes burst and flooded the iconic theater with several inches of water.

According to an article by KCBD, the majority of the damage occurred in the lobby when several pipes above the lobby ceiling and ticket booth unfortunately burst. Current owner Darryl Holland told the outlet about the horrific discovery, saying, "When I got here and opened the front door, there was like a foot of water that just flowed out."

Holland told the outlet that he plans to have the theater repaired as soon as possible and is now waiting for insurance inspectors to assess the damage.

The seating area was mainly undamaged and that the water flowed out from under the marquee as the pipes were directly above it. The sprinkler system also leaked, leading additional water to pour down the sides of the seating area, which gathered in a pool at the lowest point of the sloped auditorium.

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The Cactus Theater has been a staple of Lubbock, Texas since it opened in April of 1938 as a 720-seat movie theater. The theater was closed down in 1958, stripped and used a storage facility for a neighboring business until its purchase in 1993 by Don Caldwell.

The Cactus Theater reemerged in 1995 as a live performance venue and has been the site of dozens of incredible performances in music and theater arts by local and nationally acclaimed artists.

Darryl Holland purchased the theater in 2016 and has continued to carry its legacy of greatness. After the incident on Friday, Holland told KCBD that he was thankful that the building "is intact."

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