Can you imagine going from Lubbock to Dallas in the time it takes to check your email messages?

A company called Virgin Hyperloop One is looking at some North Texas areas to start exploring this technology. Basically, it would shoot travelers in a magnetic tube at 760 miles per hour. With Dallas being 347 miles away, that means you could be there in 30 minutes.

Imagine traveling to a Cowboys game in less time than it takes to get a beer at (some) Cowboys games. Expanding our horizons just a bit, imagine going to the beach in California in two hours.

This is some very cool technology, and sadly, most of us won't live to see it even if it does become a thing. I still think it's amazing and I certainly hope it comes to pass in the future. Not only is the speed a great thing, but it sure would cut down on a lot of pollution from vehicles having to drive those long distances.

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