I have to say that I'm really kind of bummed about this.

I was informed by a delivery truck driver this week that we are seeing the end of Schwan's Delivery in Lubbock. I guess we have to here for a second and talk about the name before we continue. Schwan's Delivery recently went through a rebrand to the name Yelloh! (my guess is the "h" is to avoid confusion with the soft drink "Mello Yello", but I guess it doesn't matter now).

My delivery driver referenced a message that was sent out that I somehow missed, that said that Schwan's/Yelloh! would no longer have traditional delivery or route sales in Lubbock. In my driver's words, "the Lubbock depot is closing".  Apparently, you'll still be able to order online and have things shipped to you via U.P.S., but that shipping sounds a little cost-prohibitive to me.


I find it crazy that Schwan's/Yelloh! Delivery isn't actually more popular. They offered amazing ice creams, entrees, vegetables, and more. It was like having a restaurant/grocery store/ice cream truck all in one. You'd think that in the days of food delivery being so popular, heat-and-eat stuff would go over great.

Now this is where things get confusing. According to Wikipedia Schwan's and the delivery business now known as Yelloh! are no longer even owned by the same people. Schwan's continues to make food products including Mrs. Smith's Pies and Red Barron Pizza. Yelloh! trucks will continue to deliver in other parts of the country.

I'll bottom-line it for you, having Schwan's products delivered via those yellow Yelloh! trucks is over by December 8th, or sooner as they run through their remaining stock. Though Yelloh! will continue to deliver in Texas, Lubbock is one of about 90 delivery centers that are closing.

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