Idaho, do you even understand math?

We have some absolute trials here in Texas lately. "Florida Man" is always a problem. Indiana and California seem to have a disproportionate amount of knuckleheads. Now, Idaho is swooping in to try and take the title of 'dumbest state in the nation.'

I lived less than 30 minutes from Idaho in Spokane, Washington. When it's not under eight feet of snow, the area is absolutely beautiful. The people, uh...let's just say they're mountain people and they are very different.

Idaho has decided to pull itself out of the Powerball Lottery for the lamest and dumbest of reasons. (I'm writing this in case Texas gets any dumb ideas.) It seems Powerball is going to go international and Australia is set to join. Idaho is pulling out because they don't want Australia to use lottery money spent in Idaho to push political agendas (namely anti-gun) back to Idaho.

Wow, talk about a reach.

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Idaho is going to lose $14 million for schools right off the bat. Then, there's all the billboards, ads, and other things Powerball does in the state. Idaho with its 1.7 million person population is worried that Australia, with its population of 25.36 million, gives a darn about what happens in the Gem State. Seriously, these Idahoans think that they're going to get the Red Dawn treatment from Australia.

I'll say it again: wow. I hope Idaho realizes that it's elected some real morons who can't do math. Everybody loses in this deal, from the players to the schools to the little mom-and-pop stores who sell the lotto tickets. And what did they achieve? People from Idaho are going to just drive a few minutes across the border and get their tickets in Washington state, anyways.

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