Wow, it's Wednesday, so what are we peeved about today America? Amazon Alexa Devices, that's what!

There are some real knuckledraggers out there. Folks determined to cause controversy where there is none and reject things just because they don't understand them. These are the same loons that had Furby's banned from military bases and Harry Potter books taken out of the hands of kids (BECAUSE HE'S A SORCERER!!!).

Alexa enabled devices and other smart speakers, or just a microphone and speaker taking you to a small computer program. What that program does is react to the "skills" you turn on. If you don't turn on the skills, then the results can be highly unpredictable.

So what we have now is some people trying to claim that this chunk of electronics has a political bias (*derp*). Well, if you didn't tell it what you wanted, it can get its answers anywhere. If you want a certain type of answer, then just turn on that skill. You can get skills for anything from science to religion, politics to weather and more.

Then again, if you want to argue with a chunk of plastic and wires, that's on you.

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