I guess people really enjoyed driving circles around Loop 289 a while back, maybe we can make it a productive thing.

Drive around to support healthcare workers. Right now these folks are absolutely getting hammered and they could use your support.

Drive around to support the Lubbock Animal Shelter. They are at a weird place on The Loop and it would be cool if everyone knew where they were.

Drive around to support blood drives. It even has a catchy name: "The Blood Drive-Drive." Right now, blood stocks are in short supply because people aren't getting out to donate as they normally would.

Drive around to support small businesses. Maybe you could even stop at a couple and help out by buying something. Christmas is just around the corner and shopping small businesses makes you awesome.

Drive around just to get out of the house. I suppose inside your car or truck must be one of the safer ways you can get out of the house and do something. Maybe a nice drive will make you feel better.

Drive around to gather coats or toys. A toy drive or coat drive could really help some folks out this holiday season.

I am not putting this out there to be hateful. A lot of people around here grew up cruisin' areas of town and really enjoy getting together in a little show of support or charity.

Right now, a drive around The Loop could be just the thing folks need to pick their spirits up. A lot of folks already have the organization to put something like this together, so get out there, get behind the wheel and show Lubbock what you've got.

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