How many times have you been in a serious discussion and someone has used the excuse of "well, I'm just so tired of...".  Let me be first to jump in and say, what a douchebaggy, cop-out of a statement.

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Let's pull that sentence apart just a bit before we go any further; "well, I'm just so tired of..."  Maybe first, and foremost not everything is about you. The world didn't wake up and say, "hey, Bill isn't interested in this anymore, let's only talk about what he wants to talk about".

Next up it's "well, I'm just so tired of...". This phrase means that you are having a problem defending your stance, you're done thinking, you're uncomfortable, you have nothing left to offer, and/or you disagree with the topic being brought up at all. Well, sometimes things have to be dealt with whether you like it or not.

So now let's take an actual instance of this being used, "we'll I'm so tired of folks calling everything racist*, why can't we just live together?". (I bet most of you have seen a variation of that recently). Let's just rip that apart as a whole. We have a problem and it needs to be addressed. It does not need to be swept under the rug. It will not go away just because we quit shedding a light on it. And yes, we also need those false alarms so we can define what is concerning or not. Talking about it does not make more of it happen, it makes less of it happen.

I've checked out of about 99% of the conversations out there and I've done it using one simple thought; unless I think I can say it better than everyone else, or bring up a point that's missing, I'm not going to bother. I, however, am not going to diminish the importance of someone expressing their point of views by saying that "I" don't want to hear it. So the next time you start to say, "well, I'm just so tired of...", just don't. Let the people who care, care.

*Please note that the word/topic " everything racist" could have been swapped out with "homophobia", "Trump", "Hillary", Wes, an incident that happened within your family, or really any topic. 

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