There are certain formulas and patterns to everything. Predicting concerts is no exception.

Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Once a concert goes on sale, we can generally predict how many will be there the day of the show. If our forecasting models hold true, blink-182 will sell out before the day of the show. At the absolute worst, it would sell out before the gates open.

blink's Lubbock date is a breath of fresh air for the Lubbock concert scene and everyone has responded wonderfully. If you're a fan, or just fell like taking in a show, I strongly advise that you pick up tickets as soon as possible.  I know you don't think the Amp sells out, but it does. The Amp has a fire limit like anywhere else and the promoter has a maximum amount of tickets he's agreed with the band to sell.

You can pick up tickets here.  I'm not here to hype you or try to spur ticket sales. Like I said, it will sell out at some point and there will be a lot of people driving in from other towns. We don't want to be mean, but we naturally would prefer Lubbock folks and FMX and KISS listeners at the show.

We will keep you up to speed on the ticket sales and will be live at the venue from five to seven just in case.

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