Wednesday night is the big Metallica show in San Antonio and a list of do's and dont's has been published.

Metallica will be using the NFL Clear Bag Policy. You can only bring 12 x 12 clear bags that are six inches wide, or small clutches that are 4.5 by 6.5 inches. Beyond that, the list of prohibited items is really basic, except swords, y'all.

Firearms, knives, and flasks all make the list, but strangely enough, someone saw fit to point out that swords, both plastic, and metal are not allowed (I don't know about you guys, but I'm canceling my trip now).

The guys do have an awesome, in-depth faq that tells you everything you need if you're traveling to the Alamodome.  Other than the rules, there is something that everyone might be interested in, you can pre-order a two-disc set of the show (it's listed right about the rules).

I did double-check and it appears that there is no pop-up store for this or the Dallas show.

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