Do you consider that a surprising headline coming from me?

People think all choices are binary -- black or white -- and it's just not like that. The thing that has confused so many people during this coronavirus pandemic is that science changes. Science tells you to make the best possible decisions with what you know now, and changes things when new information comes in. It's not hard; you just have to keep up.

The Big 12 deserves a chance to prove it can operate safely in this environment. Do I think they can do that? My answer leans towards no, but I have no idea what they have in mind to keep everyone healthy and COVID-19 free.

I'm willing to bet one thing they will do is keep an eagle-eye on the situation so that if a player comes down with the virus, everyone will be at the very least notified immediately. Heck, you can even look at this way, with the college season in question, there will be more people, getting more tests, more frequently.

I think all of this is really going to come down to how seriously the players themselves see the situation. If they want to have a season, they're going to have to try to isolate themselves as much as possible, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Fewer distractions could make for better gameplay.

Let me also say that I hope they insert full-face shields behind the face mask. That little touch could seriously help stop the virus' transfer, but will probably also look hella-cool on the field.

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