Do you want a rivalry? 'Cause this is how rivalries start.

Texas Tech Football vs Iowa State- 2017
Ashley Wirz,

After beating Texas Tech soundly, the social media folks at Iowa State threw out a little jab at the Red Raiders.  SB Nation is reporting that the Cyclones online arm tweeted, then deleted, a picture of the Cyclones with the final score and the caption "Thanks For The Homecoming Invite, Texas Tech!"

Okay, so that stings just a little bit, but it's hardly the meanest thing I've ever heard. In fact, there would probably be fewer people saying "burn!" if they had left the tweet up.

Texas Tech is having a rough go of it right now, with the coach being roasted at every turn. It sure doesn't seem like we needed a kick while we were down, but this is how rivalries are born.  Texas Tech just needs to print the Tweet out before it's lost to history and post it in front of every player as motivation for the next match up with the Cyclones.

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