Lubbock, when are you going to wake up?

Prince Harry Attends An Event To Promote HIV Testing
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I am more willing to let people see the consequences of their actions or lack of them. Sometimes you have to show them the error of their ways by rubbing their noses in it. Apparently, we have some people in Lubbock that are so damn stupid that even that doesn't work.

A new Lubbock Online story is reporting between 2014 and 2015 syphilis cases are well on their way to tripling and a whopping 235 more people had chlamydia. Hold on there, that's 235 MORE, meaning the total amount of cases went from 1909 to 2144.  In fairness, there were 20 fewer instances of gonorrhea, but still 813 cases of it.

It's not just the "Raider Rash" either. The age groups suggest that we have a huge problem well below the college level.  Lubbock is one of the worst places in Texas for STD's and the blame for it can be put squarely on the shoulders of political conservatism. The folks who say they don't want this taught in school, are keeping this information from getting to the kids.

This is nonsense. We teach our kids to wash their hands in school. We teach them to cover their mouth when they sneeze.  We take wrecked cars to school to show them the dangers of drinking and driving.  It's time to teach them what happens when they don't use proper protection.  Abstinence does not work, just like saying "don't do drugs" without any additional information doesn't work.  It's time to grow up.


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