Joyland was drenched in Monday's storms.

I don't know about your neighborhood, but North Lubbock was stomped by Monday night's rainstorms. I personally have never had as much water flood into my front porch and garage area as I did that night. Joyland Amusement Park sits in Northeast Lubbock and apparently got it worst.

The location in Mackenzie Park looks like they're sitting at the bottom of a bowl if you ask me. Officials with Joyland actually posted a picture of a statue that was flooded three feet up.

Notice in the Facebook post above that there's a lion in the picture. Had it been a hippo, maybe this would have been a quick fix. Okay, I'm joking, but mixing three feet of water with electronics, metal and all of the different rides is no joke.

The best thing you can do when something like this happens is to make sure that everything is 100 percent dry before you attempt to run it again. Since so much of these ride parts are proprietary to the amusement park industry and/or special order, it's best that they take the time to take care of what they have.

In my opinion, the folks at Joyland are taking all the precautions necessary to keep you safe. Being closed during Memorial Day weekend is a huge step back for the park. We would ask that you make an attempt to enjoy this hometown treasure once they reopen, which right now is scheduled to be on Saturday, June 5th.

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