"I am never going back to Clowny Burgers, I asked for cheese and they forgot it".

Fast Food

Does that opening statement sound like something you see on Facebook a couple of times a week? It's really such a lame, ego-driven threat that has no insight into the fast food industry. So, I guess I should pause here and say, it goes for A LOT of industries.

If the place you're going is always dirty or the employees are always messing around, it's true, that place may have a management problem. That's not what we're talking about here though. We're talking about the slightly off orders.

The point is, the employee who goofed your order almost certainly won't be there when you go back. Fast Food job turnover rates are reported as high as 210% in a year (meaning the average employee is there less than six months). There's also the fact that some of these employees get better, and/or the one that's goofing stuff up may not even on duty.

It's true that some places do a better job than others of training their employees, and if you see a continuous on-going problem no one is going to call you out for your Fast Food Freakouts.  The best thing to do is be a good human, check your order before you leave and make sure they get it right. Whining on Facebook about it later just makes you look like a whiner.


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