If you are looking for a night of laughs and great drinks, consider coming out to Laugh Hub City's Comedy and Music Showcase on February 26th at Savage Tavern! Performances include Gunner Fore, Brandon Word, Kimothy 'K-Loc' Williams, JJ Howell, Selena Martinez, Chrissy Covington, Gary Dorsey, and Corey Evans. The event will be hosted by Dan Wooldridge, and the whole night is going to be a blast!

Laugh Hub City
Laugh Hub City

Not only will you get to hear some sweet sweet local jams, but you can also check out what all the fuss has been about with Lubbock's local comedy scene. The scene has been growing over the past few years and the comedians are getting incredibly sharp and good at what they do. You'll hear lots of local jokes that you can relate to, paired with some naughty words. What could go wrong?

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Laugh Hub City features several free comedy shows during the week. You can find them performing every other Tuesday at Cafe J, Wednesday nights at The Lantern Tavern, and Thursday night at BarPM. The shows are always free and so are the laughs, so just bring yourself and a few of your pals, and prepare for a fun night.

If you are interested in trying some stand-up comedy, Laugh Hub City invites beginners to test out their jokes at any of the open-mic nights. Just make sure you arrive in time to sign up because the list fills up fast! No need to fear being booed off stage, either! We all started somewhere, and maybe this article is your calling to start too.

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