I was raised to view bargain hunting properly— as a noble pastime, nay, as an honorable sport.

Even as a young kid, I could calculate how much an item would cost after the percentage discount was applied. If I could do the math in my head, my grandmother would let me have the item. Motivation is an amazing teacher.

I visited her this past Christmas, and even though I'm an adult, she still gave me $50 for one sole purpose- to spend it at the 99 Cent Store (man, I wish we had those in Lubbock!).

While we may not have a 99 Cent Store (yet), we are getting another opportunity to make some incredible shopping scores- and no head math is required.


Bargain Bins (3225 50th Street Suite B4) has been hugely successful in Lubbock. It works like this: every day is one set price for every item in the store (except for the day it's closed for restocking).  Saturday is the most "expensive" day, but also the best opportunity to pick up a high-value item at a huge discount.

On Thursdays, everything is only 50 cents, so you can pick up all kinds of odds and ends on the cheap. My honey grabbed up a bunch of Halloween napkins and plates for me a couple of weeks ago because Halloween is more of a lifestyle than a holiday for me.

Now, Lubbock is getting a second location of Bargain Bins at a fantastic location: 5402 4th Street. Yup, right next to Big Lots, so that area will be a bargain shopping destination.

It'll be happy hunting for the true bargain-shopping elite. Excuse me while I do some stretching and warming up, and I'll see you out on the "field."

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